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We did an Allegiant hotel/flight package to punta Gorda to stay in Naples.We arrived at the airport at 3:30 for a 5:15 flight.

The first thing that occurred is that the check in lady became hostile when we asked if we could change our carry on bags to checked bags. She said in a snarky tone, yes for 200.00. We informed her that we had attempted to change it on-line. She continued with her snotty attitude stating that if we had already checked in it was too late.

We got through and went upstairs to wait, and wait and wait. They did not inform us of what was going on until an hour after the flight was to depart. At that time, they said there were mechanical problems and they were waiting for a mechanic. We did not hear from them again until 9 pm when they told us that the pilot was "calling it".

They could not fix it and they could not get another plane. That was it, and go get your baggage from baggage claim. We went back downstairs to get our luggage and headed back to the counter where 200 people were waiting in line. They then got on the loudspeaker and said they didn't know what would happen but we could go up and get the travel help line number or wait in line.

We got in the car to go home and called the number. We first waited on hold for 15 minutes at least. Spoke to a woman who said they were working on getting a flight for the next night at 6:50 pm. I said, will we get our hotel money back?

She informed me that I would have to negotiate that with the hotel. Which I reminded her it was their flight and a package deal so why couldn't they get my money back. So we started trying to figure out seats, etc. We were only originally going to be there Sunday through Thursday and now it was Monday through Thursday so really only 2 days because we were to leave Thursday am.

So I said can we just have our money back and she said sure. I said all of it? The amount you charged to my credit card will ALL be reimbursed. And she said, yes.

So my husband and I decided to cut our losses and cancel. We went to bed and she called us a half hour later informing us that she was incorrect. The money would be in the form of a voucher. In addition, we were charged for our bags, for our seats for all of the Federal fees, for talking to them on the phone.

On and on and on for a total of $400 in fees for a flight we never took and that they cancelled.

They are terrible, and when you count all the fees, they are NOT cheaper.Just terrible!

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It seems many comments with these Allegiant Employees are all negative. Could this be the new attitude of Allegiant as it seems this airline has gone downhill since they have outsourced the many REAL Allegiant Employees. It seems they want to do more with less and the personal customer service is long gone. Such a pity to loose that customer service while they have hired "anybody" at low pay and expect so much of the employees.

What needs to be done with such "hostile, snarky, snotty" employees is contact Human Resources with valid complaints and get witnesses.

Sadly, HR just MAY insist such complaints are exaggerated when people get upset.If this airline is to succeed, perhaps Andy Levy needs to get back to basic and bring back the old-fashioned and professional Customer Service this airline once had.

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