I flew with allegiant, my review is below.

Keep in mind that they flight which was directly across us experienced pretty much the same anguish then us the ONLY plus side for them was that they got to fly home and we had a cancelled flight :s

Also i would never NEVER ever recomment Allegiant to anyone. I would rather pay the extra 100-250 more and fly with a better company. Allegiant watches their own back before the well being of their flyers.


Before leaving hotel checked online status of flight "On Time"...

3PMChecked in for flight (boarding pass indicates boarding at 440pm), checked in Bag, went through security and proceeded to Gate D3 in LAS, no mention of any delays at the gate Flight is scheduled to leave at 540pm. ONTIME.

5pm rolls around still No Allegiant Rep at the gate... whats scarier is there is No plane at our gate just our luggage sitting on the tarmac.

520 a rep finally shows up and says that the plane is delayed but will be here at 630.

So we wait.

630 comes around and no plane or updates at 715 there is an announcement saying that the Plane we are supposed to be travelling on which is in Fresno hasnt even boarded yet and they are serving those passengers beverages while they are waiting & that they know nothing else.

745PM they start setting up a table with cups, ice, water and pop cans saying that management will be up in 10 min with answers and will be able to answer questions.

8PM they changed reps who told us there is a mechanical issue with the plane so they dont know when it will arrive, when asked by passengers why they dont have another plane to take us we get told that the crew that is in Fresno lives in Bellingham so its more "convienient" for them to be our crew so they can go home (which was pretty annoying to hear)

at 9pm they distributed food vouchers ($8.00 meal per person, lets be honest you cant get much for 8 dollars at the airport terminal. Most fast food places were starting to close at 9)

BTW no manager yet...a lady in a orange shirt kept coming to tell the reps something but kept leaving as soon as ppl started to approach her. She looked angry and cross. I dont think they realise that we would just like to hear the truth. not that they dont know anything when they actually do. Its frusterating. As well as when you ask a question and they ignore it or you all together, very poor customer service.

930PM the rep says they are doing an engine run( i dont know what that means...testing the engine?) then she says they have boarded the plane and *** and THAT WE WOULD BE GOING HOME WITHIN 1.5HRS.

around 10pm the orange shirt lady came up and was asking the rep why she told us that and they rep said you told me the plane pushed so i relayed the message.

1030pm the Allegiant Air flight from Fresno lands at our gate and we get an announcement stating that our flight is cancelled due to the crew being in the air for the max amount of hours. and that our flight is rescheduled until the following day at NOON.

Pretty frusterating. they had time to print up personalised hotel + food vouchers for 150 ppl, but didnt know that we would not be flyiing until the plane landed? I think that they have the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. In the mean time the only number that you can find online either doesnt work or tells you they are experiencing high volume calls 24 hours a day.

They next day they acted like nothing happened. but did distribute $8.00 more dollars in food vouchers for breakfast and a letter for our employers.

They didnt once apologise like normal ppl would, they had the worst attitude and were in turn being rude to us, which fuels the fire and gets ppl ANGRIER.

REGARDLESS lesson learned i will pay the 200-300 difference and fly with a BETTER more professional Airline.

I could go on for days about our experience. JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE AWARE....DONT FLY ALLEGIANT.

Review about: Allegiant Air Flight.

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