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Six of us were flying out for vacation (partly using vouchers from a previous trip where they completely cancelled the flight leaving us stranded in the airport to figure out how to get home on our own, stating they could not get us a flight out for 7 days. They reimbursed only a small fraction of the costs incurred to book a replacement flight with a different airlines, pay for transportation, hotel, food.)

When we arrived to the gate for this flight, the doors to the jet bridge were shut early (20-25 minutes early) and they would not let us in, we were not offered alternative flights (only handed a piece of paper with the customer support phone number on it), and when we called support, we were on hold with them for OVER 1 hour only to be told they could not assist us via phone and we had to complete their online form instead.

We checked in online the day before the flight, checked luggage over 2 hours before the flight departure time, arrived at our gate before the time stipulated on our tickets, and tried diligently to reach someone regarding assistance when Allegiant closed the doors early and would not let us in. Allegiant's response to my complaint was that we missed our flight, that chose not to accept an alternate flight when one was offered to us, and we did not contact them within the 1 hour they stipulate is required in order to receive assistance with another flight. These are all false statements.

Allegiant would not assist us with our concerns, but instead stated "When a passenger misses a flight, airport agents can accommodate passengers to the next available Allegiant flight with a $75 change fee while waiving the difference in fare. Please be advised that this exception is only offered at the airport within 1 hour of the missed flight. As our records indicated that you elected not to make the change, the total funds from this flight are forfeited." Yet when I stated we talked with the gate agent, talked to another agent at the ticket counter, then called support and stayed on hold for OVER 1 hour, Allegiant replied "Promotional deals and irregular operations can lead to a high call volume, but we are always working to provide better communication to our customers."

Allegiant closed the doors to the jet bridge early, left the gate early, did not offer us an alternate flight or vouchers, made it impossible to arrange for alternate flights within their 1-hour window, and provided poor customer service. We paid for a service and did not receive that service. After getting nowhere dealing directly with Allegiant, I turned to the BBB for asistance. (Still no help.) Allegiant told the BBB I can submit a rebuttal through their online support, yet Allegiant had already told me in a previous email "In regards to your request, Allegiant respectfully declines your request for a refund for flight 407. No other options are available for your case. We understand this may not be the answer you were looking for, however, the case is closed in our system." Obviously, they had/have no intention of making things right. We lost thousands of dollars because they chose to close the doors early and not let us on board.

Terrible, terrible company. Prepare to be stranded, lied to, and left digging deeper into your pockets if you try to fly with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2742.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Allegiant Air Cons: Service, Billing.

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  • Allegiant Poor Customer Service
  • Allegiant Closing Doors Early
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