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I booked with Allegiant Air November 2016 for a trip for my husband and I to Missouri. The same day I Made the reservation, I CALLED to cancel the trip due to him being admitted to the hospital and according to their website and the insurance I purchased, I was advised by their customer service department I would be refunded the whole amount.

It never happened. I have called several times for our refund and TOLD it was coming it took time to process. With him in and out of the hospital until February of 2017 with a cyst the size of a softball, we almost lost him and Allegiant Air KNEW ABOUT IT!!!! In the midst of all this chaos, his mother was placed on HOSPICE CARE and only to find out, Allegiant NEVER cancelled my reservation from the ORIGINAL CALL and their fix was to give me a voucher.

Which, I later found out was for LESS THAN THE ORIGINAL PRICE I paid !! I have been calling for over a year, I have emailed to this airlines and I have been told that IF we decided to use your airlines, Allegiant MIGHT honor the voucher as it is now past the year timeframe (despite I have been trying to get this resolved within the year and have gotten nowhere). that I was to call Allegiant Air and IF they felt I could use the voucher they would honor it, if not I would have to pay for the trip and submit my receipts for CONSIDERATION of a refund of the tickets I had to repurchase.. WHAT A JOKE!!!

We were going to use this airlines due to a medical issue my husband was having (Before being admitted) and this airlines could get us closest than anyone else. It wasn't a leisure vacation. In the middle of this, my mother in law has passed and all we wanted was the refund we have been promised.!!!!! And ALLEGIANT AIR REFUSES!!!

Your customer service is HORRIBLE and I have been asking to speak to a supervisor, but that would mean I could actually SPEAK TO SOMEONE!! I get the run around from every one of your prompts, your customer service reps and the call backs are ridiculous!! They hang up and they are no use if you cannot speak to anyone. We want this resolved according to your provisions posted that state "If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours, you are entitled to a FULL REFUND" I cancelled knowing we were not going to make the flight with the cyst on top of his intestines and he was not permitted to go anywhere..

YOU said I would get a refund, and we WANT IT !! I have documentation if you need it. Allegiant Air PROMISED a refund and that is what we want, I do not want the voucher, as 1) we do not know when we will be clear to fly and 2) At this point, WHY would I fly with Allegiant Air?

I have been on the phone ALL morning TRYING to reach someone, anyone and I have gotten nowhere. This is my last measure

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $667.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: This is the worst alirlines ever, No management to handle refunds per policies, Someone answer the phones.

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You can only get a refund for a flight if you cancel within the 24 hour window of purchase..And the flight has to be scheduled out more than 8 days from when your cancelling.Even with trip flex they don't offer refunds.Was the flight purchased within a week of when the flight was scheduled?Last minute.If so that is why you aren't getting a refund.If not,I wonder what the reason.


Was the flight purchased scheduled in 7 days or less from the day you purchased?if so this is why they don't refund.most airlines that sell non refundable non changeable flights have the same terms.24 hours to cancel or change reservation as long as the flight is scheduled after 7 days.That gives airlines time to resell the seat.

to Anonymous #1423613

Yes, the flight was purchased on Nov 18 and then cancelled later that night due to my husband being in the hospital. He was admitted 8 different times.

Including the time we were scheduled to even take this flight. I have spoken to a manager who claims I never called and it was never canceled on the same day rather on December 21, which is impossible as we were In the hospital again for 8 days that time and in the ICU dept. We knew long before that we were

NOT flying and I knew to cancel within 24 hours which I did when we were being admitted and I stayed at the hospital with him. Now she wants screenshots which I am requesting my phone records, because doctors notes aren't good enough.

They had plenty of time to resell those seats, I called several times, but getting through to anyone is impossible at times. They are non responsive and could care less about any family situation. I was so disappointed in their customer service in general. When ANN the manager called me back, she was not nice to begin with.

No pleasantry in her voice at all.. not welcoming, sorry to hear your husband almost died TWICE.

BUT sorry your not getting your money back. Really??

to Jimnvic02 #1425933

Well it sucks but that is the terms you agreed to.Most airlines that offer non refundable tickets have the same policy.non refundable is non refundable.the 24 hour grace period to cancel and get a refund is only for flights scheduled out in 8 days more.within 7 days non refundable.no grace period.They do offer a trip insurance that is similar to other low cost airlines.if you purchase they allow you to change your flight once without the extra charge.its called trip flex.If you get the trip flex,when you cancel your trip they give you a voucher to use to change your flight or you can switch into the flight you want.but they don't offer refunds.Like almost all airlines especially the ultra low cost carriers.Also if you don't opt for the insurance to flex your trip they charge crazy fees if you need to change your flight.A change fee along with any price differences.

to Anonymous #1426146

We did purchase the trip flex and it states on their page as well as the paperwork, anything cancelled within 24 hours due to a medical issue can be refunded, which is what we were told as well.

The issue is Allegiant finds it ok that even after stacks of paperwork showing the calls, emails, and doctors letters and notes it is justified in their behalf when their customer agents failed.

I have screenshots showing I made calls from within the 24 hour time frame and have continued to reach out to them. It specifically states it on their page and it's in writing. So they are in the wrong and not only am I going to fight for the tickets now but any legal fees incrued for this as it's complete BS. Their management staff needs a grip on reality when it states in their OWN policy guidelines a refund CAN be issued within 24 hours based on certain guidelines and I met them.

I was told I would get a refund several times and they wouldn't. So from here I will seek legal counsel, because I didn't just cancel because I changed my mind.. my husband ALMOST DIED!!!

AND ALLEGIANT knew that .. something has to be done

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