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This was my first and last experience with Allegiant Air, and if you are reading this, that means that I actually survived the flight, so that will be the only positive reflection in my review. I booked a one way reservation departing Pittsburgh and arriving at Punta Gorda, scheduled *** at 2:11pm. The online check in advertised as "skip the lines" is a joke because you still have to check your luggage at the ticket counter...where two people are staffed to assist a line of 100+ passengers.

At 1:15, passengers who had the mobile app received text messages stating that the flight was delayed until 4:40. Passengers who did not have the app were confused because the screens at the gate and the mobile app itself did not reflect the delay. There was no Allegiant Air representative at the gate to provide clarification, so after 2:11 came and went, it was obvious that the delay was legit.

At 3:30, an Allegiant air rep arrived at the gate and announced that our plane was due to land at 4:30, and that everybody needed to hurry up and board the plane after the passengers were released. At 4:00 the Allegiant attendant announced for everyone to "be quiet and listen up" because the plane was going to be a little later because of "storms"...and suggested that we look at weather radar to confirm the weather patterns.

The plane landed at 5:00, and we were told that they needed to clean the plane before boarding. At 5:20 they started boarding special needs and priority passengers and told every one else not to get in line until their zone was called. Once they called for zone two, where people had already started lining up, a nasty attendant again reminded us to "be quiet and listen up" and then said that we needed to hurry up and start boarding or else the flight would be canceled (??). They also told passengers for the flight to Orlando that was currently posted at our gate, that they needed to go to an alternate gate. A few of us brought it to representatives attention that the posted flight and time for Orlando on the screens were showing that it was departing from our gate, we were told that they didn't have anyone to change the of course people who arrived at the gate after the announcement boarded the plane (oddly, not discovered at the gate by the attendants), and further delayed our *** as they were removed after everyone else was seated.

Then at 5:45, the captain got on the horn and apologized for the delay, citing that they had some mechanical problems in Myrtle Beach (wait...weren't the delays caused by "storms"? The Allegiant rep even emphasized that we validate the presence of storms on the radar...guess that was a little white lie). Then the captain started yapping something about the fact that if we weren't airborne in exactly 15 minutes, the legal flight hours for the pilots would be exceeded and they would have to cancel the flight. Why the plane was not moving during this announcement was unexplainable, almost as if they really didn't want to make this last flight back to Florida happen.

We literally lifted off with one minute to spare, and the cabin actually erupted with passengers clapping and saying how bad this airline sucked. As a final slap in the face, when the captain announced that we were at cruising altitude and that he was turning off the seat belt sign, he reminded the passengers to stay in their seats unless they needed to use the lavatories, and to be courteous to the flight attendants...WHAT?? Half way through the flight, we could see that the pilots and flight attendants kept going in and out of the cockpit...once it looked like they forgot the code to get back in and struggled outside the door for about 5 minutes. This has got to be the worst customer service I've ever experienced...where the company representatives not only talk down to the customers, but actually demand that the CUSTOMERS show courtesy to THEM for their incompetence!

Spend the extra money on Southwest...TRUST ME.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of slow customer service no info online for my issue and rude staff and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of allegiant air flight 1695. Allegiant Air needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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