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Never expect anything without a fee even when you already paid... I happily paid for my flight (210.00) carry-on (40.00), priority access (12.98), as well as my seat (37.00).

I flew out of Mesa AZ with my carry-on (approved small bag 9 x 14 x 20) the agents in Mesa told me to just go directly to gate that I did not have to stop at counter as I prepaid and it shows on my boarding pass. Stayed in Rapid City for 2 days went to a funeral...had nothing extra added to bag. Get to the gate they had already called Priority Boarding so I scooted to the front as others were doing. The Agent (supervisor) stopped me..I explained I had Priority...she said move out of line I asked why I already paid for priority showed her my boarding pass (polite and calm) she pulled out another female traveling alone ...

same situation both of us confused as to why... she tells us to come up she lets the other woman on after she had to show military paperwork...gets to me and says you have an over sized carry on (which was smaller than 99% that had already boarded... I told her nothing had changed with my bag since I left Mesa...the woman was FOUL and RUDE and would not let me on the plane without paying another $50.

Its one thing when you expect to slide past...but when you already paid for all the bells and whistles and still get charged yet another fee because the Supervisor is tired or whatever is HARASSMENT! (Only two female solo travelers get stopped) Hmmm...

Reason of review: Charging for services already paid - and not providing already prepaid services.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Allegiant Air Pros: Got on plane.

Allegiant Air Cons: Horrible agents.

  • Caution Extra Fees Ahead
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Did she measure it in the sizer?And was it overweight?

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