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On march 12th 2019 flight 708 departure @ 8:05 am from Bellingham wash to mesa Arizona. My Dad was detained and patted down by your agent whose name was jason which my Dad had to ask his name since your employees dont wear name badges.

All cuz of my Dad's zipper on his pants was poking out instead of laying flat who knew that was a crime. My Dad also had a 65 year old pocket knife given to him by his Dad which is a family heirloom which was in my Dads pocket of his pants he was ask to take it out and put it in a tray so he did then jason told my Dad he couldn't have it back and to put it in the lost and found and he could come back sometime in the future and retrieve it. My Dad then ask jason for an envelope so that he could just mail it to himself but of course no envelopes imagine that Dad had to leave a precious memory gift from his father in lost and found. Another person behind my Dad over head the conversation and he offered to check the lost and found and send it to my Dad.

So this guy decides to just go check it out about 10 minutes later well guess what wasent in the lost and found my Dads pocket knife. Im pretty sure by now you have all figured out who got it our great employee jason. I can tell you this much if i would of been there with my Dad i guarantee you this wouldn't have ever happened. The ticket counter employees your scanning ppl to your stewardess are the most rude disrespectful employees my Dad has ever encountered in his life.

The story isent over when he boards the plane and goes to put his carry on in the over head compartment hes told by your stewardess that he needs to pay $25 dollars my Dad asks why no explanation was given he was told to go about 3 steps away from his sit to pay a different stewardess when he made those 3 steps away the price went up another $25 dollars so thats a total of $50 dollars to store his carry on bag in the over head compartment i have never heard of such a crock of complete *** in my life how do you manage to get away with screwing your passenger's out of more money. I will promise you this your airline is gonna be no longer in service when my lawyer is done with you. I want you to also know we had just buried his wife my mother a few days before this and hes grieving but has to fly back to Arizona where he and my mother live during the winter months. My mom his wife passed away in casa granda but she wanted to be buried in forks Washington where they lived in the summer months so my Dad brought her back on American airlines in her casket to her final resting place.

He really wishes that when he returned to Arizona he wouldn't have taken your airline allegiant. It absolutely broke my whole family's heart that your airline and so called employees can treat customers this way. We have made sure that everyone we know are aware of the *** staff you employ along with your *** air line to be this disrespected and treated like garbage this infuriates me to the core of my being. I do expect to hear from your airline a very public apologies for the *** you put my Dad thru from taking his pocket knife and your employee jason keeping it for himself to reimbursement for the carry on bag twice.

Im a very determined woman and i will stop at nothing to ruin your rinky dinky airline and so called employees fired. My Dad has been thru enough our whole family has and no one has the right to treat ppl in this manner and get away with it. Just letting you know you have just met your worse night mare. Im sick of ppl treating others so poorly just because they can and cause you think your an authority figure but your not even close.

I do expect to hear from you it will be in your best interest to do so. Your gonna lose millions while your being taken to court. Word travels fast especially on t.v. news.

This is not a threat its a promise. Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

S. Klahn

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This has nothing to do with the airline.


Lol.your issue is with an employee of tsa a government intity totally separate from the airline.Also it’s your dads fault for trying to bring a pocket knife through security and onto a plane.knifes have been banned from planes for almost 20 years since 9/11.all the rules are on the tsa website.You/your dad agreed to the rules when you purchased your tickets and accepted the terms and conditions.It is also clear on the website that they charge for carry on bags.It also says the sooner you purcase the cheaper the charge,if you wait until the day if the flight at check in it cost more,and if you don’t pay then and go to the gate it will cost even more at the gate.this is common practice with many of the low cost carrier.everything you complained about would have been prevented if you had read what you agreed to.Theres no way you have a leg to stand on in court the judge will laugh and tell you you should be suing yourself.

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