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On October 21, 2019 I was a passenger on flight 2014 departing from Bradenton/Sarasota airport at 12:16. There was a slight delay in the flight.

I loaded in zone 5 at gate B9. Shortly after entering the plane, I realized I had left my coat at the gate-just feet away.It was a $150. Columbia featherlight 3/4 length jacket I had purchased the day before. I told a flight attendant and he assured me someone would retrieve my coat and I could not exit the plane or I would not be able to reboard the plane.

I took my seat, got my luggage in the overhead and then got up to approach another attendant . I asked her about someone getting my coat. By then, my traveling companion realized she had also left her coast with mine at the gate. I was told to take my seat..

After the door was being closed, I once again asked the flight attendant about his promise of an airline employee retrieving the coats. I was told they were in a hurry to get pushed away from the gate and the employee likely didn't have time to look for it. I could have walked down the jetway and retrieved my coat in a matter of 2 minutes if I had been allowed to exit the plane.There was plenty of time for me to retrieve it. I knew exactly where our coats had been left--just feet from the end of the jetway.

I could easily have gotten my coat in my carry-on but having read so many negative reviews about customers being forced to check a bag even when it was not over the weight limit, I chose to wear it on. I called the airport as soon as we landed in Nashville, but no one from the gate had turned my coat into the airport lost and found. So a $39. flight that cost me $100 with all the additional charges from Nashville to Sarasota ended up costing me an additional $150 for a recently purchased coat that was not retrieved as promised.

This was my first experience on Allegiant.

It turned out to be a negative experience since I was told, "we will go back and get your coat" and then all I got was, well, I'm sorry. We were in a rush.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Allegiant Air Pros: I felt like it was a bait price.

Allegiant Air Cons: All the additional add on fees.

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So you and your travel mates left your coats in a chair and actually expected them to let you off to go and get it. Who does that?

What reality do you come from? They aren't going to miss their slot and cause inconvenience to the other 100+ passengers for YOU. It's simple numbers and you and your coat thankfully did not matter. Had they let you off and missed their slot, would you have stood up and told the entire flight it was YOUR fault and help them through the issues YOU caused?

No, you would not have and they know this. They have people to move and schedules to keep. Stop the childish whining and grow up. THIS IS ON YOU for being so forgetful.

By the way, oftentimes flights have "void if not off by" or other time-critical clearances. This means if they haven't pushed back and got off, they would have had to wait.

They don't know how smart you are but they know how dumb you are for forgetting an expensive coat. Oh and this ist he part where people like you enjoy saying "you must work for them."


I'm not sure why you would respond in such a negative way unless you find joy in being unkind. I was just commenting on promises the flight attendants made to me.

Had they said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do, I would have accepted that answer and continued to be upset with myself. That is not what happened. They assured me they would retrieve my coat. My neighbor is a retired flight attendant with 25 years of service for another airline.

She told me her airline would have called the two agents at the podium at the end of the jetway and asked one of them to get the coats that were feet from the podium and bring them to the door of the plane. She affirmed I could not step off the plane and depending on how many attendants were on the plane, they might have been unable to leave the plane.

She assured me there were easy actions that could have been taken to offer good customer service. Why not just try being nice instead of name calling.

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