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I went through Allegiant to book flight from Thursday, May 9th thru Sunday, May 12th from Des Moines to Vegas.My intention was to get the most affordable price and package deal as I was to meet my husband there (Vegas) to spend a few days with him after his training session.I went through the website, booked the flight and scrolled down to hotel package deals. We wanted to stay on the strip and I chose the Excalibur Hotel w/flight to be our best option.

Checking in with Allegiant, I checked one bag (although small); I just had too much in the toiletries to even think about taking on as a carry-on bag….. ‘$49.98’ for convenience only. So, my total booking was $672.78 (including Fed Tax, ‘Seg Fees’ (???), PFC (???), Security Fees (???) - Seat selection (whether I picked a seat or not!!), Carrier usage charge (???), for even a carry-on bag!!!Of course I did the $25.00 Rebate… but after all the charges/fees above I don’t think that made the slightest of a dent.Here’s the kicker with your ‘service’ – charges for beverages, and food and a blanket… (I’ll discuss that more later)So, during our flight we were offered the Executive Shuttle Service for a mere **$14.00 round trip – thought that was a good deal, so I went for it. (back to this later).Checking out of our ‘outdated’ (I made the choice – I get that) hotel, I took the keys to the counter – ‘That will be $50.00!!’ – ‘What’???

The desk clerk said ‘yes’ – those are resort fees! – Seriously!?!? What do you, Allegiant and the hotels have going on!!?!? - he said it was in our paperwork – still looking for that by the way!So, I called the night before to book our shuttle with Executive.

Since my husband was already out there, I told them there would be an extra passenger – and the said that would be **$6.00! What??? – Mine was $14.00 round trip (just in case you can’t figure – that would be $7.00 for me each way. I should have gone without purchasing on the flight!!!

What-the-***?!?On the return flight, uncomfortable as it was (with no adjustable seats); the cold are was just shooting on me – we couldn’t turn off the air above! My husband pushed the air vent away from us as much as possible and pulled out shirts from his carry on for us to cover with – Didn’t want to have to pay for a blanket – which after all this experience – I believe the cool air was intentional. Not sorry to say this, but really avoiding any possible travel with Allegiant in the future, and I wasn’t the only one complaining. Everyone mentioned that it was a crooked deal!

I hope that Southwest gives you folks a run for your money.

I actually (shopping around) can get a much better deal with other airlines (without the nickel and diming customers). If you really check, Allegiant isn’t a better deal.Talk is traveling fast – and I’m a talker!Never again!

Review about: Allegiant Air Flight Attendant.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #653472

1) You are very long winded, poor English.

2) Blankets? Since when?

3) Hotel Charges? Ha!

4) Why don't you people READ Terms and Conditions before "accpeting" the booking. Have no sympathy for people like you?

5) Southwest??? OMG....no THAT is a low-class cattle carrier!

6) Who is 'everyone?' All 160 Passengers? Doubt that!

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