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I got to airport about an hour before flight. Before I could even get to counter the attendant rudely yelled that her window was closed and to go to the gate.

I had checked in on line and prepaid for baggage. I went through security and my bag that was to be checked , of course, didn’t pass with the TSA. TSA stayed if I would throw out my entire personal care bag, I could proceed. I refused.

To replace all the items would cost more than the ticket. They were just doing their job. My complaint is the attendant should have not closed her window so early nor did she have to rudely yell across the room at me. I called Allegiant after waiting on hold for 35 min.

She said they consider this a no show.

How is it a no show? She then said she could get me on another flight the following week for another 152.00.

I also should be refunded the whole amount for the return ticket, not given a credit to spend with them again.

I think I should be refunded full amount due to their lazy rude attendant.

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Your late.you should have already been at the gate.most airlines have a cutoff time to check in and check bags.that's why they recommend you arrive 2 hours early


a very similar thing happened to us just over a year ago. the attendant sent us to baggage check with our boarding passes not complete and in the time it took tom straighten it out we were told it was too late to board even though we were there in plkenty of time.

this airline cost us money we didnt have at the time. we had to borrow money to buy 2 more airline tickets and stay in an expensive resort area 3 more days plus transportation ALL DUE TO THE *** AT THE DESK messing up our boarding passes. we were offered 1 apology and multiple gasps from various staff and customers along with suggestions to call customer setrvice.this airline has escalated in professional ethics and decency and is and has been on the *** list of myself and lots of others over the past coupole of years. they do not offer any type of conpensation for these things either the are just a straight up *** cheap airline.

btw, ignore anonymouse yeah i said mouse this person is an idiot who probably hangs out at airports hours before his flight harrassing folks and poissibly staff which could explain alot. he comments arrogantly on reviews and needs to stop being so effn rude.


1-Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight leaves. 2-Act like you've flown before in a post 9-11 world1 3- KNOW what you can and can't take on board.

If you found this board you can find the TSA's site. You shouldn't be refunded a nickel....

All of this is on you... If your mistakes were common, the terminal would have been full of people just like you instead of just you...

to Anonymous #1605938

Yes girl!! Yes!

Get there with time to spare. Stop blaming others because you were running late!

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