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Allegiant advertises, "hurry only 1 left at this price". A week later you see a seat the same day for the same price or less.

I know it's not just them or this industry, but STOP THE GAMES! The site shows a price with a statement warning of further possible taxes and fees...LOL! And so we have another hidden cost. If you want to select a seat you have to pay an additional "comfort" fee for the seat at the time you do so.

This goes for every seat on the plane and coming and going. Next select your baggage. They are gracious enough to allow one free personal item. The size allows for say a wallet or ladies SMALL handbag or a small *** pack(if you can roll the belt up small enough).

One tiny carry on bag will hit you for another $20 each way. The smallest size checked bag is another almost $30 each way. The frustrating part of the hidden cost game is when someone on a fixed or low budget sees the initial cost and starts making plans in their head and feeling hopeful. Once they really start to check it out the cost of tickets goes up by as little as $62 and, quite likely, a considerable amount more.

Stephen Hawking just reduced his estimated length of survival of the human race from one thousand years to 100 years. Why? GREED. Yep.

We are too greedy to survive. These games are the simply examples of how the top 3% of overpaid employees of a company who reap the majority of the benefit from them squeeze more money out of customers. Their trashy website crashing four times on me during the process sealed the non-deal.

I figured I'd hit the confirm button and it would crash then I'd have to do it again and get charged two, three, who knows how many times. They obviously aren't spending any of the jacked up costs on the web site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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this video i found pretty much sums up allegient air


"The frustrating part of the hidden cost game is when someone on a fixed or low budget "

We're all on a "fixed budget."

That said, if you don't like the fares, don't hit the accept button. It's that simple.

Nothing is hidden.

It's all right there for you to make a choice to either go or not go.

Limited time, buy now etc. are done to create scarcity and get you to jump on it right now or you think you will miss out on a deal. Once again, don't like it, don't fly them or anyone else.

Rent a car and watch the costs really rack up. Often times, if you wait you will pay more. That's the only game I see here. I've gone with these people 3 times now.

I didn't run into any hidden costs because I chose what I needed to make my trip work even on a so-called fixed budget. OK....Tell me how I work for (insert company) when I ask you to stop your whining.

to Anonymous #1428222

Hey anonymous,... this isn’t meant to be a blog,..

it is meant to be a comment left as an opinion of the service received. If you want to act as the authority of all supreme answers then please reply to all posters here!

Oh I forget,.. that’s what you’re doing!

to Anonymous #1428513

Couldn't take a little "learnin" huh?

"it is meant to be a comment left as an opinion "

Replies are a comment on your banal and lame comment.

Do not post on a public message board if can't handle the feed back.

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