My wife and kids have flown to Ohio the past two summers.Both times, there were 6 to 7 hour delays (with direct flights!!).

"On time" is a concept Allengent airlines is not familiar with. In fact, I doubt they even know what "on time" means. After talking to my wife, waiting 6 hours for them to board their flight, I decided to do a little research online. I wish I had waited until my wife and kids were home, before I did the research.

It turns out, Allegent has the oldest fleet of aircraft, they have more than double the aircraft failures than any other airline. Allegent is too focused on low rates, not enough on maintenance and newer aircraft. Nearly half of their 86 planes, have had in-flight failures. Just today, on their own website, there is an entire page listing rescheduled their flights (just today....a list an entire page long????

Really???). I personally have always had great service with Southwest Airlines and prices not much different from Allegent. Think about...is it really a deal to save $60 a seat, if you are going to lose an entire day (or two) sitting at airports because of rescheduled or cancelled flights due to broken down aircraft????.

This is the last time anyone in my family will be flying Allegent Air.If that's the only airline available to go where I want to go....we'll drive.

Review about: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: No way to reach a person by phone.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1351732

I couldn't agree more.In the end, you don't save $50 because they charge you for EVERYTHING- bags, drinks and snacks on the flight, etc.

The customer service could not be any worse.

I will never give them another dime.From now on, I will gladly give Southwest the cost difference, as well as my business.


You spelled the name of the company three different ways.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1340373

"My wife and kids have flown to Ohio the past two summers.Both times, there were 6 to 7 hour delays (with direct flights!!)."

Insanity-Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Why would you keep doing the same thing over and over and then whine like this?

to Anonymous Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1343132

I'm a bigger man than you. I did give Allegent a second chance; which from your dim witted comment, is more than you would've done. You must work for Allegent to make a comment like that, on this post.

to Anonymous #1343347

"You must work for Allegent "Typical response from a numbskull who had their nonsense exposed.Just one question my sweet little child, why would an employee post a comment that discourages business?I know it's too late but please do not reproduce again.


They are getting new planes.

to Anonymous Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1343133

New planes might fix part of their problem, but if they don't have enough crews to man them, they will just have new planes sitting all day at the gates, waiting for enough crew to show up to have the flight.

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