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Where do I begin? On June 30, 2012 our family vacation was ruined by Allegiant Air.

We check in 2 hours early and spend about $100 at an overpriced lounge. During dinner there is an announcement that our flight has been delayed from 4:20 pm to 6:20 pm due to a mechanical issue. Allegiant Airlines brings in some water, pop and cardboard pizza to feed the 100's of people (many with children) who are all stranded. About 45 minutes later there is another announcement that we are delayed again to 8:45 pm.

About 45 mins later another announcement comes on that our flight is postponed until 10:50 pm. About 1/2 hour later a 4th announcement that flight cancelled. No explanation. No one around to ask - only security guards who were called in before they make the announcement.

Told to get your bags and call a tel # at 8:30 pm. They left 100's of travellers stranded included young dancers who were travelling to Vegas for a competition. Some all alone, some with their parents. Absolutely no concern for their customers and all their staff was hiding.

No phones available for customer use, no staff available, no transportation, overnight accommodation arrangements, nothing. SOL! Next flight wasn't until 6:20 pm the next evening. Lost out on 2 nights in Vegas for family celebration!

Don't fly with them, don't trust them and don't think they will ever take care of you. They don't give a ***!!

If anyone else reads this who was on this flight please post your comments. People need to know they cannot trust this airline.

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looks like the teenager has nothing to do but use mommy's and daddy's computer


People are unbelievable! If the plan is down for mechanical reasons,..

you better believe I'm going to WAIT for the to get it together--FIX THE ISSUE! wow! I can't beleive you would want to compromise the safety of other passengers just so you and your disgusting family can have a fun vacation? I hope they didn't treat you with much respect becuase you sound so selfish!!!

Good luck with your life.. and your kids..i feel so sorry for you all!!!

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