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You will make plans and arrangements, spend money doing so and they will cancel your flight without any warning. They don't have any alternative for you.

Time off work, arrangements for your dog and you cannot go on a scheduled trip that you booked in November because they decided to cancel your flight. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY AND THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOUR. FLY ANYONE ELSE. They have this reputation and everyone seems to know about it.

Apparently, they will cancel a flight if there are not enough people on the flight or they just don't want to fly that day.

Did you ever hear of a company operating so poorly. Once again - NEVER EVER EVER BOOK WITH ALLEGIANT - YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED WITHOUT A DOUBT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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San Diego, California, United States #1272926

No airline will just cancel a flight without enough people on it or because they just don't want to. That literally doesn't make sense because they loose money in issuing refunds. I get you're mad about your flight being canceled, but facts still matter.

Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #1269639

Airlines cancel flights without warning daily ... I can not imagine the uproar that would happen if an airline cancelled a flight 7 days in advance just to give passengers "warning" ....

Guessing that you fly every 25 years ???

Middletown, Ohio, United States #1267295

People also forget that even if the passengers do not have to show up at the destination, the airplane does. Months before the airlines schedules the use of its airplanes to maximize use.

That plane you were going to use for that cancelled flight, still has to show up at the destination, or the company has to rearrange other planes to be fly there to take on the next other scheduled flights. If they did not fly the plane because it was not full, as you say, that plane would be out of position, which would create problems on other flights THAT airplane is schedule to fly.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #1267085

Pretty sure all airlines have cancelled flights.Also airlines cant just cancel a flight because its not full.Contrary to popular belief.It cost airlines thousands to cancel a flight.They also have to report the reason for cancelling a flight and show proof to the dot and or faa.If it is a weather,air traffic control or another reason out their control they will not provide compensation.If cancellation is in the airlines control ,like a mechanical or technical issue or something like they have to take an aircraft out of service they will provide a hotel and you can be booked on the next flight.So if they didnt offer a hotel it was probaly a cancellation out of the airlines control.

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