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I missed my flights to EWR from CVG on 23rd Monday right before holidays by literally couple mins. My flight was at 7 am, and I was at the plane counter @6:47 am after getting luggage checked in and security clearances.

There was so long lines for luggage check ins, may be short staffs. After getting luggage checked, there was huge huge huge TSA line. I ran quickly to the plane counter, there was no one at desk. I asked the next counter near by, they said gate closed 5 mins ago.I am so upset because I think they would know Im coming, since I already checked my luggage on time.

I called customer service and spoke with Samantha and Jonathan he said he was supervisor from Las Vegas, Badge#12632. Im pretty sure they overbooked the flight thats why they closed the door and not even wait for couple mins. They didnt even announce my name to come. They dont have any other flights to NY until coming Friday 27th.

Now my luggage must have already made to EWR, and here Im still at CVG. He offered me credit for my luggage only. Im skeptic I would ever fly Allegiant again. Looking at their reviews and zero customer service especially during the time of holidays I dont know how they are surviving this era.

I had to shell out few hundreds of dollar with American Airlines since I want to spend my holidays with my family. I would be flying @1:30 pm from CVG reaching EWR @6:34 pm.

I have flown few times with Allegiant prior to this event.

They were some instances where they delay because of air traffic or technical issues beyond their control. I understand such circumstances but they didnt understand my situation when I am at their door couple mins late with luggage checked in.

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You didn't allow enough time for check in and to be groped by TSA, especially when travel is at it's greatest this time of year. Best to allow enough time when flying nowadays. Now you know.

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