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I have spent more than 15 hours sitting in the airport over the last day due to delays caused by Allegiant. * There was no pilot available to fly out at the specified departure time.

* The pilot intended for our plane was ineligible to fly since he had flown 90 hours within the last week. * When another pilot was found, it was discovered that they were not trained on the specific model of plane that was at the gate. * Allegiant was unable to get a crew or FO for the plane, so the remaining staff left. Bags were not unloaded from the airplane.

* Allegiant could not source another plane, as they were all used to fly people that had been delayed for over 24 hours in LAS to their original destinations. * Allegiant was so disorganized that they ended up needing to contract SunSeeker airlines to handle our flight, even though there are 8 Allegiant Airline MD-80's that have been docked all day. They simply have no staff to fly their airplanes. * Allegiant airlines admitted another 2 hour delay was due to forgetting to file a flight plan, so the plane was unable to ***.

* Again, crew left, and the plane was unable to takeoff with the new flight plan because there was no crew to man the plane. * There was no apology, no information shared to the group, i had to physically walk to LAS main desk to find out what was happening. They simply changed the flight times and offered no explanation, leaving swiftly after refusing to answer the passengers questions. * No discounts were given for the extreme delays, but they did offer : $50 off your next Allegiant flight, a day hotel shared with 3 other passengers, or $8 dollar voucher to the airport food court which is not even enough to get a small cold cut sandwich in the cafeteria.

Keep in mind these were said to "hold you over while you wait" which has been over 15 hours at this point. HOWEVER: If you accepted any of these, you were not eligible to receive any compensation after accepting, according to the terms and conditions printed on these vouchers. So accepting an 8 dollar coupon means you are no longer eligible to seek a refund if you cancel the flight, or if the flight is cancelled by Allegiant. I will never consider flying Allegiant again.

My story is not unique, and is simply another in a sea of extreme delay horror stories caused by this scam of an airline company. This airline is so unreliable, uncaring for its customers, and irresponsible with their official paperwork duties that it is a wonder how they can still legally operate.

I am disgusted with how i have been treated, and it is simply jaw dropping that i am typing this with over 100 Allegiant sitting in the hallways of this airport because there is no airplane for them to board. Avoid this company at all costs, and do your research before you even think about flying with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight 484.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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