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On a flight from OAK to LAS, Allegiant failed to manage their fleet properly or give good updated information so that customers could make alternative plans. A flight that was supposed to leave at 12:30pm instead left at 1:30am the following day.

Little to no action was taken by Allegiant to remedy the situation and I still have not received a re-fund. During the experience, they failed to give out water and food vouchers. They failed to inform people of other flight options, they failed to properly manage their fleet to get a different plane to take us on the hour flight. They failed to maintain their aircrafts to a level that would allow them to render the services they said they could.

After the event, they have not responded to any of my complaints and I have waited over an hour on hold to talk to no one. This company is a joke and frankly you are better off taking your money and throwing it in the air than "flying" with Allegiant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight 1030.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Unresponsive customer service and inability to get a refund.

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You are either a company rep. Or a troll with no compassion.

People fly allegiant because they have to, not because they want to. So when you say that they can just go to the machine, did you ever think that they may not have money? Go to the drinking fountain? Ever traveled with kids?

The last thing you want is every travelers germs.

13 hours is outrageous and the airline owes these people for not keeping their end of the bargain. The policy does nothing for the customer and everything for the airline.

to Trollslayer #1399901

"You are either a company rep"

Ah the loser's lament when someone is told something logical but you can't take it. I get it, the deflection tactic.

It's OK.

"People fly allegiant because they have"

Sorry kid but you're incorrect, people including myself fly these people because we want to save a buck over Southwest or someone else whenever possible.

The airline doesn't owe anyone anything other than getting where they're going.

They don't owe them a snack or a ba ba of wa wa to help get them through. Want a snack like a six year old, pack it in your activity bag.


You aren't going to receive a single cent from the carrier.

They were contracted to carry you from Point A to Point B.

Mission accomplished.

Nowhere is there a punctuality clause.

You have done very little traveling if you think this is an unacceptable situation.


" give out water and food "

Water is the drinking fountain, food is the chip vendor. You act as if you were stuck in some third country for days waiting on the UN truck to arrive.

What ever happened to good old American ruggedness?

"properly manage their fleet "

You knew what you were getting into when you decided to be cheap and go with a low cost airline. If you were able to find this place to complain you should have found it to see what you were dealing with.

"give good updated information" What do you expect from someone working a counter/gate? Do you really think they wouldn't tell you what was going on as they found out from some much higher up.

You get what they have and wait rather than storm the counter every five minutes.

Do you think the counter person has a spare plane and crew just waiting for such an event. Don't like this snowflake, don't fly with anyone much less a low cost airline.


I don't think any airlines give refunds for delayed flights.Only if the flight is cancelled.

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