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Had small emotional (hypo allergenic) support dog in kennel in row 2. Couple wanted me moved because they are allergic.

Attendants we pro-couple from the beginning. Woman customer was belligerent about my dog and me; when I did say to stop talking about me and my dog in that tone, would call for the attendant and she would ask if I would move?!? This happened repeatedly throughout the 2-1/2 hour flight. Woman then "tented" herself from me and my dog - making big scene.

I was not asked for food service, couldn't throw anything away or use the restroom because this woman blocked me. Flight attendants allowed the behavior AND ignored me on the way out. Humiliated and embarrassed. NEVER has happened in my life.

Usually my dog and I are very quiet and keep to ourselves. RUDE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: flight attendants.

Allegiant Air Pros: Good company in prices.

Allegiant Air Cons: Flight attendants or clarity of paperwork needed for animals.

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Was your dog in a kennel because you paid the pet fee?And if they offered you a seat away from the couple and the flight attendant especially if they were blocking you from using the restroom,why would you not take it? If someone was bothering me that much I would want to move and get away.Also allegiant charges for specific seat assignments if you choose,So it could be that they paid good money for their seats in that case you should be the one to move plus it’s easier for a single person to move vs 2


Yes MY needs...have a great day!


FAA rules not mine. Immature passenger not me. Thanks for your thoughts.


Let see, A couple(2 people) and you... Good on for the FA's..

YOU a single person placed YOUR needs above those of these people.. You people and YOUR need to carry some type of animal just to go to the store much less fly is getting out of hand. A dozen people onboard could be allergic to the dog but you wouldn't care. You feel entitled to get YOUR way all the time regardless of how it affects others.

YOU don't care that YOUR needs could ruin a trip for other people. All you care about is YOU and YOUR need to have a dog with you. If YOU can't travel without a dog, that should be your problem rather than you making it someone else's problem.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. ~Spock


You are an actual idiot. Wow.

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