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I recently booked a ticket with Allegiant air and purchased their Trip Flex thinking that if my travel plans changed I would get a refund. WRONG!

All they do is issue a travel voucher for a future flight minus several charges that they say are unrefundable.

You are NOT told this prior to purchasing the Trip Flex, as a matter of fact you don't even get an email explaining the Trip Flex conditions. I will NOT be taking advantage of their travel voucher as I choose to use a reputable and safe airline, after you add in all the different charges you really aren't saving much on this poor excuse of an airline.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Trip Flex.

Monetary Loss: $179.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Allegiant Air Cons: Trip flex is a rip off just travel voucher no refund.

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I agree the worst business practice I've seen. Had to cancel with 2 weeks notice and got back not even a cent.

This airline is a big rip off.

Hope they go out of business for treating their customers so poorly. I caution everyone that plans on flying with them.


How can you blame Allegiant for your failure to read and understand what is clear on the website. Instead of guessing, why don't you read the terms you agreed to when you bought the ticket.

The Allegiant website clearly states: "All Allegiant tickets purchased are non-refundable." By purchasing Trip Flex you are able to change the ticket date with minimal costs: Their website says "credit is provided minus carrier charges, booking fees, and cancellation fees, except that cancellation fees do not apply if Trip Flex was purchased (the amount paid for Trip Flex itself is non-refundable). Any credited funds will be applied as a non-refundable, non-transferable credit voucher good for future travel on Allegiant Air." What is not to understand a ticket being "non-refundable."


Obviously you are associated with this poor excuse of an airline so I will save my breath!


When you purchase trip cancellation insurance from any other airline you get a complete refund of every penny paid! Not a partial credit voucher for future travel. Allegiant will most likely go belly up in the near future as they are a horrible airline and not cheap either.


Anyone who thinks Trip Flex is travel insurance either can't read or declines to understand plain English. Think about even the name of it: Trip FLEX.

It provides some FLEXIBILITY to your travel dates.

Allegiant Air sells "non-refundable" tickets. Does any one have difficulty understanding what that means - no money back, no refund. If you don't use your ticket you get zero, nada.

That is the risk you take when you are too cheap to buy a fully refundable ticket from some other airlines. You gamble that you can use the ticket, at the risk of getting nothing back if you do not.

Trip Flex offers a middle ground. If you do not use the flight you purchased, you still do not get a refund, but you get a credit that you can use later for another trip. Most airlines have this feature.

It is not trip cancellation insurance.

It simply provides some flexibility by giving you a credit for future travel (with some fees) if you could not use your initial itinerary. If you have difficulty understanding that, perhaps in the future, you could as a suggestion get a competent adult to help you purchase your tickets.


I agree with the above comment. Trip cancellation is much more expensive than Trip Flex for the obvious reasons.

I read the fine print prior to purchasing a ticket with Air Allegiant and was very aware what I was getting..a cheap direct flight on a no frills airline. If you want an inexpensive way to get trip cancellation and you travel quite a bit consider getting a good credit card that includes these features.


I'm not cancelling my trip, I just want to cancel Trip flex, like it says to do within 24 hours, because there will be no changes to my itinerary . And says a refund will be given, all I want is that $37.00 they made me pay extra. How do you get ahold of Tripflex?


What it really is, is a waste of money and a means for Allegiant to tack on more costs. They nickle and dime everything. They end up not being that cheap, just uncomfortable and a very high chance of having a delayed flight or an outright canceled flight.


You sound like a spoiled little baby. It's a tough life, you have to be skeptical of everything before you sign the bottom line, or I should say click. Read the fine print.


I agree most people "assume " then they get their nose out of joint when mysteriously it isnt how they imagined it. Read folks!


It is clear you work for Alegiant because you exhibit the same poor attitude as they do. I just flew on them myself and I can understand all of these complaints.

I am happy I made it home safely. Next time I will fly Southwest to see my Mom and Dad.


me too!


"It is clear you work for "

Go through this site and you will see the same line for people who refuse to accept the education they were just given.

"You must work for" is the refugee of banal and lame who can't or won't accept responsibility for their own actions especially if they take said responsibility via tacking a little tick box that says something like "I agree to XYZ."

Kind of like the box you ticked to post your silly rant.

Did you bother to read what you agreed to then?

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