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When I went to Arizona on Nov 16th flying with Allegiant Airlines, I was appalled to find they broke my expensive hair curler/straightener.I had to immediately go buy a new one to replace it - something that was NOT in the budget and couldn't be avoided because of their rough handling of my luggage.

There was a HOLE punched through my luggage where the hair curler was, even though it was packed with soft clothes to protect it. I have flown lots of times with my curler that way and never had anything happen to it. Last flight with them in the spring was upsetting because my other bag got damaged where the binding was literally scraped off the metal edging due to bad handling but they said tough, so I just shrugged my shoulders unhappily and moved on. This time, it cost me $201.68 to replace my hair curler/straightener so I called them the next morning when I found my curler as I unpacked my bags.

Know what they said? - you better be sitting down for this have to go to the baggage desk - not just call - within FOUR HOURS of landing to submit a complaint and claim. Who knows this? Who does this?

The lady on the phone said to take it up with customer service at Allegiant (I thought that is what she was - guess not) so I am contacting them to see if they will refund the money I had to pay to replace what they broke. I have no problem sending them the receipt and broken hair curler to prove this complaint is real, and if they want to see the hole they put in my bag, I can show it to them. I am not even asking for new luggage because of the hole, I just want to be refunded what it cost to replace what they broke. Its bad enough to be sitting in tiny cramped seats, there were no complimentary snacks or water served, and customer service was unprofessional, inadequate and quite useless.

When I tried to contact them on their page and submit a complaint, their website doesn't work.

So much for Allegiant.They stink.

Review about: Allegiant Air Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $202.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Stewardesses were nice.

I didn't like: Broken expensive items in bag, Cramped seats, No snack or water served, Bad customer service post flight.

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File a complaint with the department of transportation. It is the only way (other than suing) to hold them accountable.


Sounds like you got what you paid for... And overpaid for, really a $200 curling iron!?

to Anonymous Marshfield, Missouri, United States #953018

ROFL - Sounds like you totally missed the point.Figures.

The point is that Allegiant totally trashed - broke - killed - made unusable an item. They REFUSED to even acknowledge the problem. No response for help or comment, completely ostrich in the sand. They were more than happy to take my money but when they didn't provide acceptable service, I became invisible.

I was robbed.

You sound like an Allegiant customer service rep - a mole - who is paid to seek out any comments made against them on the net and try to make the person sharing the truth about the crappy service they provide the one that is in the wrong.

Have fun with your job - you're a ***. Yeah, you even post "Anonymous" so you can't be traced back to Allegiant.

Scared little soul hiding behind the keyboard.Pfffft.

to Anonymous Hacienda Heights, California, United States #1169985

Who are you to judge the amount someone spends on a item. Nobody tells you how to spend your money.

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