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The way Allegiant does business is deceiving and its employees are, unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful. We bought 2 tickets a month in advance from Clearwater FL to Nashville.

We Arrived at the airport 2hrs before our departure time, and we were told by a girl behind the counter, to wait aside of the baggage check-in, nothing else. We asked her why? She said, there were no seats available and she kept calling next, checked in, and gave boarding passes. About 45 minutes later, we asked a simple question and wanted to see a manager as she was extremely rude, aggressive, and disrespectful, she said will call security on us.

Finally, we had 2 separated row seats and almost and hour delay as well.

A customer service training is necessary for those folks. Bad experience...

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"we asked a simple " Translation: I went into full dyck/btch mode and had the nerve to be angered because my bile was matched... People who use this phrase are usually idiots with no sense.


I experienced the same thing with this airline as well. Awful staffs.

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