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I’m so frustrated with this airlines. Last year I took a flight from Sanford to Grand Rapids round trip.

When I checked in for the trip, my husband was wearing an air force hat. One of the assistants asked if he had been in the military. My husband said yes and showed her his card. She said our luggage charge would be free.

I told her that we had prepaid and she said that we would be refunded our money. We had paid for four bags for both the departing and return trips. I waiting and never got a refund that flight was on May 25, 1918 and there turn was June 4. About October, I decided to call and see why my refund had never been sent.

We should have gotten $260 back. I was put on hold and after 45 minutes I had to hang up because I had to pick up my grandchildren from school. I know I tried again, maybe in February and the same thing happened again. I was on hold for 50 minutes and couldn’t wait any longer.

So today, I tried for a third time. It took 51 minutes before a live person got on the phone. I explained my situation and was told that it was 13 days too late for my refund. Apparently the tickets were purchased on April 30, 2018.

And unbeknownst to me, I only had one year to get the refund. How I would know that, I’m unsure. My flight wasn’t until May 25 so I was within the “one year” time limit on that account. This all would have been taken care of if your customer service was better and customers did not have to wait over 45 minutes to speak with someone.

I have been flying Allegiant for many years to visit my grandkids.

We live on social security. So finding out about the free luggage fees was very helpful for us. At this very moment I have two trips booked with you from Sanford to Grand Rapids.

I believe that good customer service would send us the refund that had been promised to us. Surely, someone there has to know how frustrating it is to make calls to big corporations and be putting on hold for 45+ minutes.

I am requesting that my account to be reviewed for the refund of $240. The booking number is 7JMSVC.

My email address is My phone number is 407-314-0333.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Terrible Customer Service
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Most airlines have a policy of 1 year from booking for any refunds.Ot sounds like when the gate agent told you that you COULD get a refund you hear you WOULD get a refund.the gate agents can’t refund your money,So every airline has a procedure you must follow in order to receive any refund If you don’t complete it by a year from original booking day your sol no refund.Its nice they have those Military benefits which are the best in the airline industry especially them being a low cost carrier to offer all those perks is pretty awesome.


I got my refund.


If they were willing at any point to refund you,then that is the airlines trying to show you customers service,because bag fees along with all other fees and taxes are NON refundable for ANY reason.Any.if you miss your flight you loose that $.If day you paid for a carry on but needed a checked you loose that money.The fees are non refundable.You agreed to that.Now going forward you can use the military benifits that not a lot of airlines offer especially not low cost carriers


You had one year from booking to make changes.It is a discount not all airlines especially low cost carriers offer.If a refund was important you should have kept calling everyday until you got through

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