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We are a family that shares custody of our children but live in two different states. We only use Allegiant Air because its most cost effective and has a Direct Flight to and From Las Vegas and Fresno, CA.

Our kids (16&14) have flown this route for almost 5 years now but lately the delays, communication from Allegiant regarding delays and Cancellations are horrible. Our oldest son is a Corpsman for the US Navy and over Christmas was stranded in Fresno airport for over 7 hours finally reaching Las Vegas in the middle of the night. The delay wasnt reported until thr flight was already late! For military families every minute counts.

Their flight was delayed from fresno to Vegas on June 11, 2017 and delayed 3 times on July 30, 2017 ..... Recently my younger two were flying back to Fresno, we arrived early to assure they were at their gate with time to spare. This was the only time i was unable to walk my kids to the gate because i was caring for a foster child temporarily and could not take her past TSA. My kids waited at the gate for 8 HOURS after being boarded on one plane then moved off the plane and transfered to another gate.

They gave everyone a $8 meal voucher which we all know what does $8 pay for in an Airport?? I called the airline two times and was told if i pick my kids up and the plane leaves earlier then the estimated time....they would lose their flight. Then the flight attempted to *** and was shaking so badly that they had to try to *** three times. Once in the air the plane shook so badly and was so bumpy that my duaghter started to cry and her brother had to sooth her the entire flight.

They were literally afraid they were not going to make it home.

My daughter was so traumatized by the experience and the flight, she refuses to fly again! Sadly, after this experiencs I feel Allegiant only cares about making money and not about their customers.

Review about: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"because its most cost effective and has a Direct Flight to and From Las Vegas "

I will never understand why people who absolutely have to be somewhere on time go with low cost airlines.

You knew full well you were rolling the dice. This time you lost.

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