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Horrible personnel behaviors! Flight was delayed and passengers waited 7 hours befor

Re the flight was cancelled....worst part was during the second boarding, the crew orders pizza and eats it in front of the entire plane of hungry families!

When I questioned a supervisor...he td me we were never imprisoned (although in the plane in the Tarmac) and if I couldn't figure out how to feed myself, then it's not his problem. No apologies...just justification and more horrible crew behaviors! This included the crew from Allegiant and the ground crew from TacAir.

Trying to fly out this morning now...crossing my fingers I can get home!

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Yawwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" hungry families!"You talk as if you were in a refugee camp for days, without food and the guards were eating Big Macs. Please tell me you can go without eating for a few hours.What has happened to this country? Nothing but a bunch of whiners who have lost their ruggedness..


Based on 60 minutes we will not fly in May 2018. We have already purchased our tickets, but we will be better safe than DEAD . What's the poi,t asking for a refund, knowing their sorry CEO, is the same that literally crashed Value Jet

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