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It is not so much moving frpm one seat to another but when you put someone in a seat, make sure they are comfortable and offer them something in return for their suffering. I guess that only applies to people that matter and do not have a disability and I certainly DO NOT MATTER.

See that lying stewardress said I threw bags at the them you know how I know they are lying, the bag is NOT on top of them while they are laying on the ground bloody. If this is true then how did NO ONE get hit with a bag? On the other hand, food would have gpne everywhere, not to mention people would have been hit with broken glass as well. I had to walk the isle twice to get all my bags and put them in the overhead bin MYSELF.

SO JUST how did I throw a bag at someone that I put away myself.

Allegiant employees on Flight 425 are liars, and everyone knows what is said about liars, if you will lie, you will steal. The only thing I would use this airline for, to test the Star Wars project is with so I can put garbage where it belongs, scattered to the wind.

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San Diego, California, United States #1217016

Um. What?

Denver, Colorado, United States #1215590

Your complaint is full of nonsense but no substance. What seat did they ask your entitled self to move from?

Were you sitting on an exit row and somehow identified yourself as disabled and unable to open those hatches in the even of an emergency?

If this is the case why in the world would you think you would be ENTITLED to anything?

How about adding more to this banal rant. More about how you acted.

I've observed people with silly complaints like this pretty much get what they tossed out to others.

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