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On September 19th, I was on a flight to Las Vegas from Memphis, TN. I was thrown off because I paid for a seat in the exit isle.

It is had more space to accomidate my long legs. I have a knee brace. These people humiliated me by announcing I have a knee brace and I need to move because I AM A CRIPLE. I am stiill upset how I was treated.

I knew I was not feeling good and was doing everything I could to hide that fact. As I was trying to leave to go anywhere my body gave out. I had to get an ambulance to take me to the hospital because the room kept spinning on occasion. Come to find out amonia levels in my body are elevated which signafies liver and kidney failure I have been told.

I certainly want to thank that lying woman on flight 425 for ensuring I may NEVER see my home again. I consider myself tough, but gettin information about you soon to be knocking on heavens door when you are 3000 miles from home, I was not ready for that meantlly.

I am alone with this and I do not know what to do. I can not get on that airline and i can not stay here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Inflight Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So you are ill and disabled and so sick that the room is spinning but you are offended that the crew would put the safety of the other people on that flight over your feelings? I do not want you sitting in the exit row either. You shouldnt want someone like you sitting there.


Oh, I see. In case of an emergency, the lives of other passengers depend on the ability of people in the emergency row to act quickly and promptly.

Knowing this and without regard to the lives of anyone else on the plane, you want the exit seat so you will be more comfortable. A little self-centered? By knowingly choosing that seat when you did not qualify, you brought the problems on yourself.

Additionally, you now admit that you did not feel well and still sat in the exit row.

What would have happened if the room had spun and you fell down in the exit as an accident happened.

How many would have died for your thoughtlessness? Thankfully the airlines got you out of that seat, regardless of whether it hurt your feelings.

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