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It's a great airline if you like the idea of a flying a city bus. I don't normally do reviews but I had to go out of my way to express my recent experience.

The plane to my destination had trash on the floor and the overall condition was really dirty like it never gets cleaned. The plane back home was not the cleanest but made a lot of hydronic noise through out the flight making the passengers wonder if we would make it to our destination.

The flight staff seemed like this was a normal thing even though this was my 8th flight this year. It's a great airline to fly if you like to cross your fingers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Inflight Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do you know how long the cleaning crew has to clean the interior of the plane when it lands? Most often less than 30 minutes.

The longer a plane stays on the ground the more money they lose, and the more delays occur, causing people to miss connecting flights. If you are that worried about cleanliness, pay for first class seating, or take a small can of lysol spray or wipes with you when you fly.

If I didn't hear noise when I fly, I would worry.


What is a hydronic?never heard of that.I know planes have hydraulics that make noise,and to not hear them would be worrisome as they provide the movement of the flaps,slats,ailerions,tail,stabilizer all the moving parts of a plane that are critical for flight.Flying commercially nowadays is different then it used to be.cost cutting measures,shorter turn times.It is not unusual that planes dont get a thorough cleaning in between flights.All airlines have complaints about dirty planes.Allegiant is a discount airline for sure like riding the city bus.But they did what you paid them to do,get you from point a to point b safely.If you dont like it you could pay $100s more for a cleaner airplane and you probaly would have to make a stp or to maybe even change planes to get where your going.


A dirty plane = having to cross your fingers when flying? Thanks for that totally helpful review.

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