Peyton, Colorado

Horrible airline .. Advertises cheap fares and then stick it to you with all kinds of fees..

Bag 1ounce over 40lbs $90. Need a glass of water on the plane to take medication $2. Print boarding passes $5 the list goes on and on. When all said and done they are more than southwest.

Where bags fly free.

$180 round trip for a bag weighing 41lb is absurd yet they have the highest profit margin in the industry. I guess if you fly 30 year old md-80 and get people to buy tickets before they add up the extra fees

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same issue...tripflex does not refund your monies AND will not let you put your flight on HOLD until you can get new travel dates set up.


Now what kind of person would be foolish enough to buy a ticket without adding up any extra fees. To spend hours agonizing over the purchase of a chair or washer, and yet spend the same amount on air fares without knowing the total cost is beyond foolish.

All of the fees are clearly listed on their website, which is why any reasonable person reads this before buying.

Of course the failure to keep baggage within weight limits or to purchase a water at the airport before hand, is simply bad planning and thinking by that person.

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