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Allegiant airlines has not only screwed us over big time yesterday and today.. but they have lied to us on several accounts!

We were supposed to fly out of peoria il to mesa AZ January 3rd. Well long story short something was wrong with the plane.. so instead of getting us a new plane, they flew in a mechanic from AZ. To only work on it all night long and reschedule us the next day.

Well the time of *** they tell us that the plane is still broke. Something is wrong with it. Again!!! So now at 1 pm January the 4th ( a day later) they decide to fly a new plane to the airport for us to leave on.

All the way from Pittsburgh. That plane arrived about 4 hours later. As that one arrives, we now are waiting to board it for 3 more hours. Now something is wrong with the paperwork.

So we can't board. Then they let us board only to find out we are on the same exact plane that was broken yesterday. The other air craft is sitting next to us and for some reason isn't being used!!!! The aircraft they flew out for us!!!!

So now we are all on this plane. Old young , families. ( my husband and I have two kids under the age 3 with us). A women who is in her 90, who is turning blue because she needs to be up and moving and needs oxygen and breathing treatments every 4 hours!!

As they say the problem is paperwork, the captain gets on the intercom and says it's water issues now. So now they start lying to us about everything!! This is unbelievable! I understand there are things that go wrong and issues that happen but lying is no way to treat your paying customers.

And to not give us correct updates is wrong. My kids are doing great! But my mommy instincts are kicking in and I'm about to go crazy! We have now been waiting for almost 24 hours.

As we sit next to the back up plane that is parked next to us!! I will not fly Allegiant again!! I demand my money back!

Every dime of it ! This is not ok.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allegiant Air Flight.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Quincy, Massachusetts, United States #1269656

When there is a delay that is deemed lengthy you have the right to cancel your flight and receive a full refund .. All you have to do is get off the plane and request the refund from the gate agent.


Nothing in your complaint establishes any facts to show that Allegiant is lying. What proof do you have that:

1) The plane was not broken, or that they did not work on it all night;

2) The plane still was next fixed by morning;

3) Allegiant did not fly in another plane for your use;

4) The original plane was not fixed during the 4 hours or so it took for the substitute plane to arrive;

5) The pilot did not have problems getting from the mechanics the paperwork showing the plane was repaired; and 6) There was either no water or not enough water to operate the toilets, or that catering had not supplied enough drinking water bottles for the passengers.

The answer is that you have no proof these are not facts, hence there is no basis for you to say Allegiant was lying.

When you call someone a liar without facts, that makes you the liar.

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