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Yesterday i experienced the outmost disreguard to human life by your terminal support..as i boarded the plane in las vegas at mccaran i felt a lil un easy ...quite possibly just exhausted and ready to head home..i boarded took my seat and buckled up for ***...i began to get hot and feel uneasy i removed my seat belt and asked to go to the bathroom letting a kind flight attendant know i wasnt feeling well.she graciously said no problem hunny..an let me use the bathroom ...i got sick in the bathroom relieved myself only to open the door to a nasty woman from inside the terminal telling me i am unfit to fly and i needed to exit the plane..whilst still in my delirium from getting sick and in confusion as to what really is happening .she paraded me through the plane and screaming at me..

you are not flying today and accusing me of taking something...when i hadnt even had but two drinks the nite before at 11 pm...knowing my flight was at 830 am...any way after we got into the terminal she said are u feeling better..i said yes and she said well you are not flying today..if she was so concerned wouldnt u think there would be a medic or something..nope ..she lead me to the counter and said you are not reimbursed for this flight and at best we will do is get u back on thurs...really thurs thats 4 days from now this wont work ...i began to cry as i am now all alone and stuck in vegas and cant get home for 4 days..there was no other offers of help just told me to go to another vendor ...in disgust and pure anguish i did..i went to southwest who for 650 dollars that i didnt plan on spending sent me on their next flight 20 mins later to chicago..problem with that is i live in appleton..close enough tho i took it...so truely why i am writing this is because i wanted you to know how terrible your customer service is ..the terminal woman..which i dont remember her name as i was in a stressed situation was worried about my own well being was accusatory and inhumane as well as compeltely taking advantage of me in a helpless situation...at this rate i will never fly the skies with you allegiant agian i will also tell others to not ..well unless my situation is rectified in some way be it a refund and aknowledgement of wrong doing ...steps need to be taken to ensure your customers and passengers are never in the same position i was in..i have never been so embarassed in my life being pulled off a plane as everyone thinks i am a criminal or something when all i did was simply get sick...do people not get sick on a plane frequently ..it is a motion sensitivity and highly anxiety causing situation for most and i hope that you recognize this and in the future have more empathy towards something one can not control and made a wise decision to head to the lavatories.i eagerly await your response.thank u for your time

Review about: Allegiant Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"do people not get sick on a plane frequently"

No most people do not get visibly ill prior to a flight and are allowed to stay on.

No one has time to deal with a freak out in mid air, someone puking or crapping all over the place or the possibility of landing short.

It make perfect sense to pull you from the flight. Probably to the delight of fellow passengers who watched you board and wondered what you had.

San Diego, California, United States #1302567

If you are sick on the ground you can get sick in the air. They can't take the chance of you getting sick 30,000 feet up and no one is around to help.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1302477

Yes people do get sick all the time but if it happens on the ground and the crew or agents are made aware of a passenger illness before takeoff ,they must contact a contracted doctor who then makes the call.This is standard with all airlines.although each individual will handle it differently (some have bleeding hearts)that is what is supposed to happen.For your safety because if your sick on the ground you most likely will just get sicker in the air possibly so much sicker that they must make an unscheduled landing.Also for the protection of other passengers,if you are sick,you could be contagious and spread it to others.I remember when swine flu was going around if someone even coughed we had to get a medical history and relay info to the on call dr.

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