What drew me to Allegiant Air was, of course, the very discounted flight price from SC to FL. It was the only way our family of four could afford to fly to FL.

But, boy oh boy, that discount came at a price! The flight to Florida wasn't too bad. It was 2 hours late, but based on what I've been reading, that is nothing! But the flight home was brutal.

It was scheduled to leave FL at 5 PM. We dropped off the rental car at the airport at 3 PM. As soon as we did, we got a text message that the flight wouldn't be leaving until 8 PM. Well, we're stuck at the airport now!

The hours creeped by. Then, we got a text that the flight wouldn't be leaving until 10:30 PM.

By now, we are all stir crazy from being cooped in the airport for so long. The flight did leave at 10:30 PM but after being trapped at the airport for that length of time convinced me to never trust this airline for our family vacation again!

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