We were scheduled to fly Allegiant flight 308 from LAX to Bentonville, Ark. on July 1. Our flight was supposed to depart at 7:45 a.m.

We departed 4 hours late at 11:45 a.m.! We had gotten up at 2 a.m. in order to pack and be at LAX two hours prior to take-off!

We were never offered an explanation.

The wheel from my daughter's suitcase was broken off and an expensive item inside was damaged as well.

We had booked this flight MONTHS in advance. I think in cases where a flight leaves four hours late that travel vouchers should be given to all passengers who were inconvenienced. The passenger's time should be respected. I haven't contacted Allegiant yet about this, and they certainly have not contacted me to apologize and comp me any additional air travel. Also, I am wondering if after paying for flights, suitcases, seating, carry-ons, priority boarding, soft drinks on the plane, etc., if Allegiant Air is really a discount airline after all!

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Medina, New York, United States #1153436

That is what I wonder if think you're getting a bargain but when you pay for everything even including a glass of soda you don't save much money also I have tried to reach them on the phone where I've left the phone on speaker for over an hour and no one answers


I have an extremely hard time thinking that NO ONE from that flight even asked why their departure was FOUR HOURS LATE....Your flight wasn't the first late flight and it won't be the last.

When flights ARE late, an announcement is made and SOME explanation is given.

All explanations are not created equal.

If the delay was mechanical, it would have been nice if they would have offered you and your family a meal voucher or something but NOT a free flight....

Some delays are caused by MOTHER NATURE...if there was a snowstorm or bad weather the plane may have not been safe to operate.

Again, SO EXPLANATION was given...because you didn't hear it or didn't like it, doesn't mean that it didnt happen!

YOu also stated that you purchased your ticket MONTHS in advance. You are not the target audience that keeps these planes in the sky.

Your supersaver fare was one that they would gladly refunded if you had insisted that you were unhappy with the delay and made other arrangements!WHEN YOU LIE like this it makes the rest of the story unreal!

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