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Flight out of PHX today would not allow me to board with my purse and one carry on. I had to pay $80 as I could not get my purse into my bag. I had the EXACT items on my trip out to PHX. No fees. AND BOTH FIT UNDER THE SEAT (took picture)!! I am not even using the overhead bin. So, all in all -- One Allegiant ticketing area -- it was fine, another it was not. I also looked up their own policy and I fit within it. The person was in a... Read more

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Flights always late. Ticket agents and customer service are from the bottom of barrel . Good Luck everyone.

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Flight 363 16 Oct from abq to lax delayed. It made i missed my international conecting flight in La. The flight kept delayed 5 minutes, 10 minutes until 2 hours! It is bad experice, i need a reponsbility.

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I already had pretty-low expectations for an "economy" airline... but this was really shady. NEVER AGAIN. The hidden fees and impossible customer service (their FAQ states customer complaints need to be mailed in-writing --What?!?). Ended up costing way more and naturally we were delayed a couple hours. Never again.

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Poor customer service is an understatement. Have been trying to contact for 4 days to add precheck. Waited on hold 45 minutes 3 separate times and call did not go through call was dropped. Attendabt couldnt add at the check bag counter had to go through without it. Trying to add for return, still on hold. Read more

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horrible experience! I arrived 45-50 minutes prior to my flight (which the website recommends). they would not let me board! they told me I had to arrive an hour before the flight. I was leaving ashville which is a very small aiport. there was no one in line for security. not one single person. I could have got through security and been at the gate within 5 minutes. the guy took so long trying to call someone that they said no. this is my... Read more

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Worst trip ever. Allegiant was a huge mistake. This airline needs to get it together or sell out to someone else. Extremely expensive and terrible customer service. Arrived at airport in time. They had 2 full flights leaving within munutes of each other and 2 clerks working the ticket counter. Angry passengers everywhere. This airline knows how many passengers they must check bags for because you have to pay in advance!! But they only have 2... Read more

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One of your stewards on a flight to Las Vegas was very rude towards my spouse an another customer Read more

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I just wanted to share my experience with Allegiant Airline. Flying out we were delayed by an hour and a half. Flying home was completely different. I checked in online. When I got to the airport, I had a message on my phone so I waited in line to get help from a agent, after waiting 20-25 minutes the counter person told me she didn't know what the message meant and I would have to go to a different line and ask someone else. I went and stood... Read more

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Why doesn't this airline answer it's phone? Worse customer service I've ever experienced.

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