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Our flight was cancelled less than one hour before the scheduled departure while we're in line at the ticket counter. The word was that it was cancelled due to the low number of passengers. We were told that we would go the next day. We were told that we were on our own to find a hotel, meals, and transportion from and back to the airport. We were told that we would be reimbursed for these unexpected expenses. It has now been seven weeks. ... Read more

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I used allegiance air for vacation in August 13 2016. Upon booking vacation online there was a question of saving$50 on booking. I hit on that and was transferred to shoppers advantage operator that insisted I try their services. I have had nothing but problems with the services. It actually automatically signed me up for 2 shopping sites which as of today have cancelled I requested from TLG shopper to cancel my services that I never signed up... Read more

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Horrible flight crews. Allegiant air should be embarrassed by their employees complete lack of regard for customers. The flight crews are the face of the airline and what customers remember most. When these employees put their ugly on, which they do regularly, the airline suffers in terms of lost customers and revenue. What part of this is too complex for them understand? The only way to survive an Allegiant flight is to sit down, shut up, and... Read more

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I have flown with Allegiant a few times. Love the price and the flight. No problems at all and everyone was so nice !

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I will never fly Allegiant again! We drove from West Palm Beach to the Ft. Lauderdale airport and on the way we went through really bad weather and several accidents. Needless to say we were running late. When we arrived to check in there were 3 attendants who greeted us very shortly and completely unfriendly; borderline rude. They informed us that they had closed bag check in 40 min ago and there was absolutely nothing they could do to help us.... Read more

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I recently spent 275 on a flight to Chattanooga over a month and a half in advance of my flight. Then a few days after I purchased the flight I lost my job. Which does mean I needed to cancel my flight. As much as I've flown with allegiant through the years I'd have thought they would have worked with me some. But instead after waiting on the line for customer service for over 40 minutes I was told by a very rude and condescending lady that... Read more

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It is not so much moving frpm one seat to another but when you put someone in a seat, make sure they are comfortable and offer them something in return for their suffering. I guess that only applies to people that matter and do not have a disability and I certainly DO NOT MATTER. See that lying stewardress said I threw bags at the them you know how I know they are lying, the bag is NOT on top of them while they are laying on the ground bloody.... Read more

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On September 19th, I was on a flight to Las Vegas from Memphis, TN. I was thrown off because I paid for a seat in the exit isle. It is had more space to accomidate my long legs. I have a knee brace. These people humiliated me by announcing I have a knee brace and I need to move because I AM A CRIPLE. I am stiill upset how I was treated. I knew I was not feeling good and was doing everything I could to hide that fact. As I was trying to... Read more

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really bad experience on flight 420 yesterday from el paso to san diego. They only gave us water, there was no ac and I lost another flight due to the delay!

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Bad flights every time we have gone to wendover never recieved anything but a bottle of water after sitting in the airplane for three hours cuz of plane problems never leave Duluth on time for take of either at least two hours .dont understand why other people get extra trips or free ones bad airlines I would like to be compensated for these trips some how

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